ASO 100th Anniversary on Federal Place in Bern

Swisscare present on Federal Place on 05.08.2016

Swisscare has been an exclusive-partner of the and ASO since year 2013. On 5th August 2016, the ASO (Auslandschweizer-Organisation) has their 100th anniversary, and Swisscare attended the event as one of the main partner.

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) represents Swiss expatriates’ interests in Switzerland. It informs Swiss living abroad about what is happening in Switzerland and provides them with a wide selection of services. Insurance is part of them.

During the event, Swisscare has an information booth and as well Swisscare’s legal advisor gave a speech on the stage concerning international health insurance that was broadcasted on Swiss Info.

“” is the  information channel which fulfilled the Swiss government mandate to distribute Swiss news worldwide.

Swisscare’s speech from C. Souviron – Legal Advisor

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