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Swisscare Services Ltd.

Swisscare Services Ltd., Altelandstrasse 6, 9496 Balzers (Fürstentum Liechtenstein)

Obligation of Information Swisscare Services Ltd.

Swisscare Services Ltd, Alte Landstrasse 6, 9496 Balzers (LI) is an insurance broker in the sense of the law from the 17th of May 2006 about insurance brokering from the Principality of Liechtenstein (VersVermG, LGBl. 2006 Nr. 125). License nr. 10095.

Authorization and Registration

Swisscare Services Ltd has the authorization from the authorities in the Principality of Liechtenstein to act as insurance brokers. She is registered in Liechtenstein and has the right to offer services in Liechtenstein as well as in the frame of the free movement of services in the European Economic Area. The registration number with the FMA Financial Market Authority Liechtesntein is the following: Swisscare Services Ltd is a daughter company of Swisscare Insurance Services (Switzerland) AG.

You have the possibility to check registrations for free online under or to obtain an extract for a fee at the Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein, Postfach 684, 9490 Vaduz.

Collaboration with insurers

Swisscare Services Ltd collaborates with SOS EVASAN SA and TOKIO MARINE KILN (Insurers) in Switzerland an in EU-EEA. Swisscare Services Ltd (Broker) collects the public premiums in Swissfrancs, Euros or US-Dollars. The sectors B1, B2 and B18 are licensed. The General Insurance Conditions that have been defined by the insurer guarantee that the insured will receive insurance benefits in exchange for the payment of a premium. If the premiums have been paid into the account of the broker and the insured can prove this, then the insurer is obligated to cover the contractually agreed upon risks. The retrocession of the collected premiums from the broker to the insurer is not a factor that allows for the coverage to be suspended or that the transfer of benefits based on the contractual relationship between the insurer and the insured is hindered. The insurer commits to covering the insured if the insured can prove, that the premium has been paid in accordance to the insurance modalities, especially in the following situations: Mistakes during the retrocession by the broker, partial retrocession by the broker, bankruptcy or declaration of insolvency (deposit of balance) by the broker.

Official complaint

Complaints about brokers according to art. 24 VersVermG can be lodged with the FMA Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein, Heiligkrez 8, 9490 Vaduz. For complaints in connection with services from Swisscare Services Ltd please contact Swisscare Services Ltd, Alte Landstrasse 6, 9496 Balzers (LI) Tel. +423 384 05 05, [email protected]

Swisscare Insurance Services (Switzerland) AG

Swisscare Insurance Services (Switzerland) AG, Chemin de Beaulieu 8, 1752 Villars-sur-Glâne

Obligation of Information Swisscare Insurance Services (Switzerland) AG

Swisscare Insurance Services (Switzerland) AG, Chemin de Beaulieu 8, 1752 Villars-Sur-Glâne is a bound agent of the Europäischen Reiseversicherungs AG with headquarters in Basel (Group Helvetia Versicherungen) in the sense of the Federal Insurance Supervision Act (LSA). A registration in the register of insurance intermediaries is not necessary.

Data & confidentiality

The confidentiality of your personal information is a matter that we take very seriously. Your personal data will be processed by us in accordance with EU and Swiss Data Protection laws.

We will use your personal data solely for the purpose of processing your policy and claims. Your personal information may be passed to the insurers and reinsurers of your plan, to your doctors and other medical professionals involved with your treatment, to our emergency assistance companies and other agents, and to any regulatory body that may require us to disclose it. In the event of fraud or suspected fraud we reserve the right to pass your personal data to other parties, including but not limited to appropriate law enforcement agencies. Your personal information will not be disclosed to any other party unless you specifically authorise us to disclose it.

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