Current travel situation


The Finnish Government extended the current travel restrictions on entry into Finland until 17 April 2021. The Government still recommends avoiding unnecessary travel abroad, except for countries for which the restrictions on entry have been lifted. Under the current travel restrictions:


  • Travel from the Schengen area: Finland restricts entry from all other Schengen countries except Iceland.

  • Travel from non-Schengen areas: Travel restrictions have been lifted for Vatican, Australia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.


Are there any travel restrictions on the students’ country of origin?


The travel restrictions are not imposed on certain countries of origin for international students. International students travelling to Finland for study is considered as essential travel and is permitted to enter into Finland.

Do I need a PCR test? 


A foreign national must meet the requirements restriction list to enter into Finland. A negative COVID-19 test result, proof of having previously COVID-19 disease or a certificate of vaccination alone does not entitle a foreign national to enter Finland.


If you arrive in Finland from high risk countries (red or grey in the map) is required to take a corona test at the border crossing point. You are not required to take a corona test if you have:


  • a certificate of a negative coronavirus test taken not earlier than 72 hours before the entry 

  • a certificate that you have had coronavirus disease less than 6 months earlier


What is the quarantine situation?


If you arrive in Finland from high risk countries (red or grey in the map), a 14-day quarantine is recommended. Quarantine is recommended also if you travel from a green country or if you have received two doses of corona vaccines.  


You can shorten the self-quarantine period by taking 2 tests. For details please kindly check:

You could enter into Finland without self-quarantine if: 


  • You are travelling from Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, South Korea, Australia and Iceland.

  • You had COVID-19 disease less than 6 months ago proved by a medical certificate