The Covid-19 infection has increased sharply in the Netherlands recently. Both hospitalization and ICU admissions are increasing. To ensure the capacity of the healthcare system and protect the vulnerable people, the government has decided to take extra measures to contain the spread of Covid-19 infections:


  • Greater focus on the basic rules

Get tested if Covid-19 symptoms are shown; stay at home if tested positive; keep 1.5 meters distance; Don’t shake hands; Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly; Cough and sneeze into your elbow; Ensure a good flow of fresh air indoors.


  • Working from home and advice for travel

From 3 November 2021, it is advised to work from home for at least half of the normal hours. Avoid frequenting busy places while traveling. 


  • Face masks are mandatory in more areas.

From 6 November, facemasks will be mandatory again at more locations. Masks are mandatory for indoor public places when coronavirus entry passes are not required. 


  • Coronavirus entry pass required at more places

From 6 November, coronavirus entry passes will be required at more locations.


  • Booster vaccinations

From December, booster vaccination rollout will begin for everyone aged 80 and over who can come to a GGD vaccination location. 


Further measures, including the introduction of coronavirus entry passes, could be implemented if the increase in infection cannot be slowed down with the current measures. The government will reassess the situation on 12 November.