Current travel situation

The Italian Government retains five classifications of risk areas and corresponding travel restrictions. However, The Ordinance of  April 2nd, 2021, provided some reclassifications on the lists of countries in Annex 20 of the Dpcm of  March 2nd, 2021.


  • Specific restrictions imposed on Austria and the UK have been lifted. Both countries are in List C.

  • Specific restrictions for Brazil are still in place 

  • People coming from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka or who have been in the countries in the preceding fourteen days are prohibited from entering Italy until 30 May 2021 (new order of the Minister of Health)


Restrictions on National Territory

The decree-law of 22 April 2021 allows the gradual resumption of economic and social activities. The level of resumption depends on the classification of the risk area: Yellow Zone or Orange Zone. The detailed measures are available here: