As of 4 September 2021, the designation of high-risk and very high-risk areas will change, and the requirements for people traveling to the Netherlands from those areas will change accordingly.


The EU

Germany and Hungary are considered to be high-risk countries. People traveling from these countries must show a Covid Certificate. The change will take effect from 6 September 2021.


Outside of the EU

The following countries from outside of the EU are considered very high-risk countries from 4 September 2021:

  • the US

  • Israel

  • Kosovo

  • Montenegro

  • North Macedonia

Travelers can enter the Netherlands if they are fully vaccinated or fall into one of the EU exemption lists. The mandatory quarantine must be compiled from 4 September, and a negative test result is necessary from 6 September.


Lebanon is considered a high-risk country and is on the EU travel ban list as of 4 September. Fully vaccinated travelers are allowed to come.