The new COVID-19 infections are still increasing daily and the fight against the fourth wave continues. In order to have a common safety, the government has decided to amend the current safety measures. 


From 15 December, the following measures will be implemented: 


  • New limits of people

From December 15, the limit of people will be tightened: restaurants, bars, and hotels - max. 30 percent can be occupied by unvaccinated persons; cinemas, theaters, sports, and religious facilities - max. 30 percent occupied by unvaccinated persons. Additionally, it will be forbidden to eat and drink in cinemas during screenings.


Attention! The number of persons vaccinated against COVID-19 is not counted if they show:

  • EU digital COVID certificate;

  • or a certificate of vaccination, test result, and recovery.

If the indicated documents are not presented, the entrepreneur has the right to refuse to provide services.


  • Remote learning

From December 20, 2021, to January 9, 2022, all primary and secondary school students will learn remotely. Nurseries and kindergartens will continue to function unchanged.


  • Closed clubs and discos

Clubs, discos, and other places open to dancing will be closed from December 15 until further notice. The exception will be New Year's Eve (31.12-1.01). On this night, events can take place in a strict sanitary regime - max. 100 people (the limit does not apply to people who have the COVID-19 certificate).


  • Compulsory testing for coronavirus

From December 15, each person before arriving in Poland from outside the Schengen area will have to test for COVID-19. The test should be performed not earlier than 24 hours before crossing the border. Importantly, vaccination does not release you from testing.

From December 15, the mandatory test will also apply to people who live with someone infected with COVID-19. Again, vaccination will not release you from testing.