There are more and more people getting vaccinated in the Netherlands. The government has decided to start the reopening plan step by step. 


The First Step will start on 28th April 2021. It includes lifting the curfew, partially reopening outdoor areas at restaurants and cafés, reopening shops and markets, etc. International students can expect to have in-person classes and exams (contact the university/institution for more details).


The Second Step will not be implemented until at least 11th May 2021, depending on the situation. 


Current travel situation 

The government still strongly advises not to travel to the Netherlands unless strictly necessary.  Checklist for travel to the Netherlands:


  • The EU entry ban is still in place and only allows people to fall under the EU entry ban exemption categories.

  • The flight ban for the listed countries, including India, South Africa, and countries in Central and South Africa, is still in effect until 15 May 2021.

  • Negative PCR test/rapid is mandatory.

  • Health declaration for air travel

Self-quarantine for ten days upon arriving in the Netherlands.