The Covid-19 pandemic continues. To curb the spread of Covid-19 variants, The Government decided to extend the current restriction to enter Finland until 15 June 2021. The decision will take effect on 24 May. Minor amendments will be adopted.


Internal Border - Entry from Schengen countries

Crossing the border is permitted for residents of communities on the land border between Finland and Norway.

Currently, except Norway and Iceland, all other Schengen countries are still restricted to entry to Finland.


External border - Entry from non-Schengen countries

As of 24 May, Israel residents arriving from Israel are allowed to enter Finland.  Entry restrictions on Thai residents arriving from Thailand will be reinstated.

In summary, from 24 May, residents traveling from the Vatican, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Rwanda, New Zealand, and Israel are allowed to enter Finland. The restrictions on entry for all other countries remain the same.