Current travel situation

The Government still recommends avoiding unnecessary travel abroad. The decision made on March 31st, 2021 regarding the current internal border control and restrictions on external border traffic will continue to be in place until May 25th, 2021.


Entry from Schengen countries

Except for Iceland, all other Schengen countries are submitted to restrictions when entering Finland.


Entry from non-Schengen countries

Residents traveling from Vatican, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Rwandan, Thailand, and New Zealand are permitted to enter Finland. For other countries, the restriction on the entry will be extended until May  25th, 2021.


Traveling for study purposes still falls into the essential travel and is permitted. It includes: 

  • Students study at university, high school, or vocational school

  • Internships that are part of the study

  • Exchange students admitted to a Finnish higher education institution.

The mandatory health examination for Covid-19 and the quarantine guideline remain the same