As of 26 January, the Netherlands will end the lockdown, and most locations can be opened under certain conditions. The government is aware of the increasing number of new cases. However, it is believed that prolonging the lockdown measures is also harmful to people’s health and society as a whole. On Tuesday, 8 March, the government will decide if further restrictions can be lifted.


General measures and guidance

  • In general, all locations may be open from 05:00 to 22:00.

  • Always stay 1.5 meters apart.

  • Receive no more than four visitors aged 13 and over per day. Visit no more than one household a day.

  • Do a self-test before visiting others or receiving visitors and before going to a location with many people.

  • Face masks are mandatory for everyone aged 13 and over on public transport, at stations, on platforms, and at bus and tram stops. You must also wear a face mask when walking around in public indoor spaces such as shops, museums, cinemas, and hospitality venues. You can take your face mask off when seated in cinemas, theatres, and hospitality venues.

  • Wearing a face mask is advised wherever it is not possible to stay 1.5 meters apart, such as busy shopping streets.

  • Assigned seats are mandatory in public indoor spaces like restaurants, bars, theatres, and cinemas.

  • Everyone aged 13 and over must show a coronavirus entry pass at locations where this is mandatory, such as restaurants, bars, theatres, music venues, museums, cinemas, zoos, amusement parks, saunas, and casinos. At sports facilities, a coronavirus entry pass is required for people aged 18 and over.

  • At locations where there is a continuous flow of people, such as museums, capacity is limited to 1 visitor per 5 square meters, up to 1,250 in each space.

  • Maximum capacity at locations with assigned seating is equal to the number of visitors that can be accommodated 1.5 meters apart. (This is around 1/3 of normal capacity.)

  • No more than 1,250 visitors are allowed at indoor locations for sports, events, culture, and the arts.

  • Events without assigned seating, such as festivals, are not yet permitted.

  • Large events (with more than 1,250 visitors) with assigned seating may only take place outdoors.

Work from home. If that is not possible, always stay 1.5 meters apart at work.