Spain has updated its travel requirements for all individuals entering Spain. You will find listed below the highlights of the new measures in force and the full details in the following link.


  • All travellers arriving in Spain by air or sea are required to undergo a health check at the first point of entry. The health check will have to include a temperature check, control of required documents and a visual check on their condition. Before starting the trip they are also required to complete a health questionnaire. Once the form has been completed the traveller will receive a QR code, which needs to be presented at the time of boarding and upon arrival in Spain. 

  • All passengers, who are transiting in Spain are exempted from health control, however they are also required to obtain a QR code. 

  • All passengers arriving in Spain from a country, which is determined as a risk country by air, sea or land, must have a valid health certificate to enter Spain, which can be:

    • A vaccination against COVID-19 certificate,

    • A PRC diagnostic test with negative result,

    • A COVID-19 recovery certificate.

  • Travellers who are vaccinated against COVID-19, with any authorized vaccine by EMA and WHO, at least 14 days before arriving in Spain, are not required to provide any diagnostic test. 

  • Travellers who recovered from COVID-19 are able to present a certificate of recovery if more than 11 days have passed since the first positive NAAT test was performed. The certificate of recovery will be valid for 180 days. 

All travellers who are holding a valid EU Digital COVID-19 certificate either due to vaccination, diagnostic test or recovery and submitted during the registration process of obtaining the QR code, will be able to receive  a QR code for “fast control” which leads to a more efficient health control procedure upon arrival.