Current travel situation


EU/EEA and the Schengen area


From 5th July, the 10-day mandatory quarantine only applies to the following countries in the EU or the Schengen area: 


  • Cyprus

  • Portugal

  • United Kingdom


The list is updated weekly. The current list is valid until 11 July 2021.


Third countries

Non-vaccinated people from the following countries are permitted to travel to Estonia, including tourism:


  • Albania

  • Armenia

  • Australia

  • Bosnia Herzegovina

  • Brunei

  • Hong Kong

  • Israel

  • Japan

  • Jordan

  • Kosovo

  • Lebanon

  • North Macedonia

  • Macau

  • Moldova

  • Montenegro

  • New Zealand

  • Qatar

  • South Korea

  • Serbia

  • Rwanda

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Serbia

  • Singapore

  • Thailand

  • Taiwan

  • United States of America


Citizens from third countries not listed above, who travel to Estonia for work or study purposes, must quarantine for ten days and take a Coronatest immediately after arriving in Estonia and a second test no earlier than six days after the first test.