Europe’s 9th international insurance conference

Swisscare Switzerland and Swisscare Liechtenstein participated to the Europe 9th international insurance conference.

Digital technologies, internet connectedness and “big data” are creating new business models, new commercial opportunities and new consumer relationships.

Swisscare Group provides exclusively online insurance solutions therefore digital technologies, big data and compliance are central points. Swisscare is currently working hard to develop a long-term strategy with the digital technologies. The goal is to grant the client a high level of compliance. The business model of the insurance industry is under tremendous transformation and within the next few years, new opportunities will emerge. The regulators, policymakers, the risk carriers, the distribution channels must find together the best way to provide the client solutions that are simple and easily understandable but at same time that will fit to the various new business models in the digital insurance industry.
Swisscare will follow carefully this evolution.

Innovation and technologies must be consumer friendly

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