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We compare international health insurance of over 16 major international health insurance companies and provide instante pricing. Get an insurance through Swisscare and we offer 1 month insurance for free.

1 month free
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Expat Compare

  • A complete free service and... 1 month free insurance
  • Comparison of more than 16 insurers
  • Swiss insurers included
  • For all ages and life time covers
  • For all regions across the world
  • Digital consulting with skype, hangout...
Global medical insurance
EU/EEA In / outbound

Compare online, request advice, we provide solutions if you need an international health insurance while you are abroad.

Who can be insured

If you are a child, a young teenager, adult, a family, retired, sme's or a group, we can propose the best international medical protection.

Time to compare and save money !

Our services

For individuals and corporates

Free services
  • We compare the market for you
  • We provide you with the best offers
  • We arrange your insurance
  • We answer your questions
  • We support while you wish to change the insurance
  • We monitor your insurance and premiums
  • We represent your interest before insurers
  • We share our profit

1 month free insurance

We give back to our customers

The best deal

It is not a secret nor a taboo, insurance providers are remunerated by insurance companies for insurance arrangement. This allowed Swisscare to offer free service to its clients.

Swisscare innovates. As first in the expat insurance industry

We share our profit with our customers. Swisscare refund 1/12 of the paid annual insurance that represents the equivalent of 1-month insurance.

Digital consulting

By phone, skype, hangout,

Well informed well insured
  • Digital consulting
  • E-documentation
  • Phone, Skype, hangout consulting
  • Offers presentation
  • Fine tuning, adaptation of the offers
  • Electronic conclusion by scan
  • Stay in touch with our digital consultant
  • Best support

Special offer disclaimer

Swisscare Insurance Services Ltd. (hereinafter Swisscare), Alte Landstrasse 6, 9496 Balzers, will pay a reward to clients who validly conclude a new expatriate policy through the Expatline comparison services of Swisscare. The reward is applicable only under the following conditions :

  • The insurance application must be submitted only to Swisscare.
  • The insurance policy must be arranged only through Swisscare.
  • The insured mandates Swisscare Services Ltd. as an intermediary to represent his or her interests.
  • The insurance premium must have been paid in full for the entire year, including taxes, fees, and taxes.

If all conditions are fulfilled, Swisscare will pay a reward amount to his client that represents 1/12 of his paid annual premium (excluding transaction charges and service fees). As a reference, Swisscare will use the reported paid amount received by the insurance partner. Excluded from the reward amount are all financial transaction fees, claims fees, reminder fees…

This reward is paid only once during the first insurance year as a reward. The reward is not applicable to any future years, renewals, other insurance products or services. This special offer is valid until 31.12.2018 for new clients only.

This reward is offered solely by Swisscare. Partners, third parties, insurance partners or others are not implicated legally or in any other way. Other products and services offered or provided by Swisscare are excluded from this reward.

We support our clients in every case

Insurance is a very complex subject. Swisscare is daily in contact with people that don’t have any international health insurance or are paying for insurance that won’t properly provide them a cover when they need it!

Often once unexpected and unfortunate events occur, customers often are alone and do not know how to handle the situation with insurers or medical providers and facilities.

Swisscare, once mandated by its client, can help in case they need support. We can manage the problems with insurers, with claim services or any other providers.

The client can count on professionals that will speak his language.

This is why thousands of clients are insured through Swisscare services.

Legal:  Swisscare Services Ltd., Alte Landstrasse 6, 9496 Balzers (Principality of Liechtenstein) is an insurance broker. The company is authorized and regulated by the financial market supervisory authority of the Principality of Liechtenstein, reference number 10095. Swisscare Services Ltd. is registered in the company index in the Principality of Liechtenstein under the number FL-0002.465.148-2. Swisscare ® is a registered Trademark owned by Swisscare Services Ltd.