Student health insurance University of Geneva

Swisscare was invited and present during the Welcome Day for international students at university of Geneva.

During the day, we gave information and advice to hundreds of Students. Swisscare Studentpass is in fact the only Swiss student health insurance plan during this Welcome day that covers international students, interns and au pairs. In fact, Swisscare Studentpass plan is covered by ERV – Groupe Helvetia, the third biggest company in Switzerland. All other providers present during the days are insurance Brokers/Intermediaries ( not insurers). The plan they sale are not registered in Switzerland and although they have name including “Swiss” the plans are covered from abroad (plans comes from France, Irlande, UK etc… ).

We recommend highly to not sign blind a Student insurance only based on the cheapest price. Take time to ask questions :

  • Is the insurance company behind really Swiss ?  (Only two are Swiss – Swisscare Studentpass is one of the two)
  • Do I have to fill out a medical questionnaire ?   (If yes, not sign. Lots of students faced problems due to filling medical questionnaire).
  • Is the insurance sum unlimited ? (Unlimited is unlimited, not 2 millions or 100 millions)
  • Are terms and conditions available ?
  • Is the name of the insurer (not the broker/intermediary) clearly stated in the terms and conditions with address ?
  • How long is the product existing on the market ?

This is a little part of important questions.

Swiss or not Swiss ?

Last 10 years on the student health insurance market, lots of insurance brokers decided to provide health insurance for international students in Switzerland. They will attract clients by using the name “Swiss”. But unfortunately the majority of them are just brokers/sales/intermediaries and pollute the market during 1-2 years before stopping a plan or disappearing (too cheap / hugh loss ratio) .

Actually only 2 insurance plans are Swiss, registered in Switzerland and with a Swiss insurer behind.  Swisscare Studentpass is one of this two active since more than 11 years.

Guide 2016-2017

Swisscare Student Health Insurance Guide 2016-2017


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