Student health insurance United States of America

International health insurance for student visa in the USA. The PGH Global plan is recognized by the majority of universities in the USA. Find out if your university is listed and apply.

2018-2019 semester
From $ 56.00

Student health insurance

  • Valid for J1-F1 USA visa
  • Recognised by thousands of colleges and universities
  • Insurance certificate issued by email
  • Comprehensive medical treatments
  • Sickness and accident
  • Assistance 24 / 7
United States of America
USA inbound

This insurance is aimed for students who's destination is an university in the United States of America (USA)

Who can be insured

Are eligible all international students who need a visa J1-F1. The insurance certificate is valid for US consulates and embassies

3 plan level


Max. annual benefits

$ 100'000
  • Insurance sum $ 150.000
  • Deductible $ 100
  • Hospital inpatient treatment
  • Illness and accidents
  • Dental coverage
  • Maternity coverage
  • Medication
  • Emergency medical evacuation


Max. annual benefits

$ 500'000
  • Insurance sum 500.000
  • Deductible $ 100
  • Hospital inpatient treatment
  • Illness and accidents
  • Dental coverage
  • Maternity coverage
  • Medication
  • Emergency medical evacuation


Max. annual benefits

  • Insurance sum Unlimited
  • Deductible $ 100 / $ 500
  • Hospital inpatient treatments
  • Illness and accidents
  • Dental coverage
  • Maternity coverage
  • Medication
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Transportation
  • Accidental death capital

Visa requirements

Are eligible

International students or other persons with a current passport who:

  1. are engaged in educational activities;
  2. are temporarily located outside his/her home country as a non-resident alien;
  3. have not obtained permanent residency status in the U.S.; and
  4. are enrolled in an associate, bachelor, master or Ph.D. degree program at a university or other educational institution, with no less than 6 credit hours (unless such school’s full-time status requires less);

Visiting Scholars, Optional Practical Training Students and formal English as a Second Language program students with an F1 or J1 visa are eligible to enroll in this insurance Plan. The six credit hour requirement is waived for Summer if the applicant was enrolled in this plan as a full-time student in the immediately preceding Spring term.

Students must actively attend classes for at least the first 31 days after the date for which coverage is purchased with the exception of International Visiting Scholars or those engaged in an Optional Practical Training Program. Home study, correspondence, and online courses do not fulfill the Eligibility requirements that the student actively attend classes. The Company maintains its right to investigate Eligibility or student status and attendance records to verify that the policy Eligibility requirements have been met. If the Company discovers the Eligibility requirements have not been met, its only obligation is to refund premium. Eligible students who do enroll may also insure their Dependents. Eligible Dependents are the student’s legal spouse and dependent children under 26 years of age. Dependent Eligibility expires concurrently with that of the Insured student. U.S. citizens are not eligible for coverage as a student or a Dependent.

Every student his plan

Each eligible student has a choice of one of four Swisscare PGH Global health insurance plans:

  • Essential (203318)
  • Basic (203315),
  • Plus (203316),
  • Preferred (203317)

Each plan provides eligible students with a choice of two Deductible options. The brochure provides information on the Essential $100/$500 Deductible Option. Under the Essential Plan, eligible students have a choice of one of two Deductible options: Option 91 – $100 Deductible for Preferred Providers and $500 Deductible for Out-of-Network Providers (2017-203318-91), or Option 93 – $500 Deductible for Preferred Providers and $750 Deductible for Out-of-Network Providers (2017-203318-93), which is outlined in a separate brochure.

Please be aware that if you choose to upgrade coverage in any subsequent policy year the benefit levels above your previous plan’s limits will be subject to a new Pre-Existing Condition exclusion and waiting period. You will not be subject to a new PreExisting Condition exclusion on the lower benefits levels.

Please review the benefits and make your selection carefully. You cannot upgrade coverage after the initial purchase of the plan for the policy year. 2 Note: A Pre-Existing Condition exclusion applies to the Essential and Basic Plans, but does not apply to the Plus or Preferred Plans. The Basic (203315-91/93), Plus Plan (203316-91/93) and Preferred Plan (203317-91/93) are outlined in separate brochures.


If you are a student insured with this insurance plan, you and your insured spouse and minor child(ren) are eligible for UnitedHealthcare Global Emergency Services.

The requirements to receive these services are as follows: International Students, insured spouse and insured minor child(ren): You are eligible to receive UnitedHealthcare Global services worldwide, except in your home country.

The Emergency Medical Evacuation services are not meant to be used in lieu of or replace local emergency services such as an ambulance requested through emergency 911 telephone assistance.

All services must be arranged and provided by UnitedHealthcare Global; any services not arranged by UnitedHealthcare Global will not be considered for payment.

If the condition is an emergency, you should go immediately to the nearest physician or hospital without delay and then contact the 24-hour Emergency Response Center. UnitedHealthcare Global will then take the appropriate action to assist you and monitor your care until the situation is resolved.

Think community

Once you are insured through one of the Swisscare products, you are paying an insurance premium for an event of which most certainly hope it will never occur. The premium you pay will fall into a community fund (insurance).

The majority of the members of this community contribute to you for few who are in needs while they are sick or have an accident.

You participate like all members of the community into this fund with a financial contribution because there is a risk that one day you are also in needs and suffer from an illness or an accident for which the cost of treatments would be impossible to bear on your own. In that case, you will then profit from the fund (insurance) of the others members which will pay for you.

Translated documents in EN / DE / FR

Swisscare members are spread worldwide. More than 7500 languages are currently existing. This is why Swisscare like the majority of international insurance providers or insurers ask their member to submit invoices in English ( Swisscare inTrust claim service accept also German or French). If your invoices are in a different language kindly translate the most important details and submit this translation along with the invoices. (Legal translation is not required).

How to receive a refund within a reasonable time

Only with your help and with your accurate and complete documentation our claims team can treat your refund as quickly possible.

And you… A happy Swisscare member!

Submit a claim

Login to your PGH Global account and under the claim tab, you can start the online claim procedure.

Legal The insurer of this plan is Student Resources (SPC) Ltd., a UnitedHealth Group Company and is based on policy number 2017-203131 – 91/93. Available through PGH Global and issued IHC – SP – Global Care Essential under policy number 2017-203315-91/93. Swisscare Asia Limited, 1101,11/F, Lee Garden Two, 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, is a registered company in Hong Kong. Swisscare Asia Limited is an insurance broker regulated by the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers (CIB).