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International student health insurance Portugal

For foreign students studying in Portugal
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International student health insurance Portugal

Which student health insurance is required for Portugal student visa ?


Non EU/EEA nationals (third country nationals)

Third countries students are those who’s nationality is non European Union or non European Economic Area country.

Student who’s nationality is non EU/EEA are required to purchase their private health insurance before arrival in Portugal. This insurance is also necessary to obtain a student visa. The minimum insurance sum to cover is EUR 30’000.

Brazilian students in Portugal

Brazil has a social security agreement with Portugal. However, the Portuguese national health scheme is not taking in charge all medical expenses nor important benefits like repatriation to home country, ambulance by air, sea and ground,  search, rescue, accidental death capital, liability insurance and much more. The student has to pay this high costs from themeselfe.

It is therefore highly recommended to brazilian students to purchase a private international health insurane like proposed by Swisscare.

EU/EEA Nationals

Students with nationality from EU/EEA countries can request in their home country the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Thanks this card, EU/EEA nationals can benefit of the same cover as the Portugal national social security scheme.

However, the EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance. It does not cover any travel protection, search and rescue, repatriation to the home country, emergency dental treatments, assistance… A private insurance is highly recommended in Portugal also for EU/EEA nationals during the entire stay in Portugal.