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International student health insurance Germany

For students, interns, au pairs, PHDs, postdocs, and researchers
€ 22 / Month
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Simple & Quick
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100% online

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During your studies in Germany, you are covered for medically necessary treatments in the case of illnesses and accidents.

International Student Insurance Germany complies with the German Insurance Contract Act (VVG). The claim management is locally based in Germany.

24/7 assistance service is included, as well as repatriation to the home country. 

Who can apply?


  • Foreign students studying in Germany
  • Foreign trainees and interns in Germany
  • Foreign PhDs, postdocs, and researchers

The minimum age of entry is 18 years of age and the maximum entry age of the insurance is 39 years old.


Apply online, get your insurance policy instantly in your MySwisscare account. 

Country-specific information

Country-specific information

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  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
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  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
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  • Spain
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  • Sweden


  • Valid for student visas in Germany
  • Instant policy by email after purchase
  • Choice of two deductibles (€ 0 or €400)
  • Min. age of entry is 18 years old
  • For students, trainees, and interns
  • Medically necessary treatment coverage 
  • Minimum duration 1 month
  • Maximum duration 60 months (5 years)
  • Credit card payment
  • Excluded area: countries outside of the Schengen Area and home country 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I change my address?

    Update your address by logging into your customer account or through the MySwisscare app, available on iOS and Android.

  • What is a deductible?

    The insurance deductible is a fixed sum that is at the expense of the insured in the case of a claim covered by the chosen insurance policy. The general insurance conditions define the amount and the scope of application.

    The deductible can be calculated per contractual year, per calendar year, for a specific duration, for a specific treatment or for a specific insurance cover. Not all insurance products are subject to a deductible.

    The insurance deductible is also stated on the insurance policy.

  • How do I claim my medical expenses?


    • Coverage only includes benefits listed in the General Insurance Conditions.
    • Exclusions might apply and can vary by insurance product. It's advisable to review your product's coverage in detail beforehand.

    Outpatient Treatment:

    • For outpatient treatments (no overnight stay in a medical facility), the insured must pay all medical bills upfront (this includes doctors, pharmacies, specialists, and hospital outpatient services).

    Claim Procedure for Quick Refund:

    1. Use your customer account or the MySwisscare app (please use the last version of iOS and Android) to initiate a claim.
    2. Log into your MySwisscare Account.
    3. Choose the relevant insurance policy and fill out the online fields.
    4. Capture or upload a detailed invoice as a PDF or JPG.
    5. Attach proof of payment (bank receipt or cash payment receipt from providers).
    6. Provide a brief statement about the medical issue and treatment received.
    7. Click 'Send' or 'Submit'.

    How long does it take for a refund to be made?

    After the claims service receives all necessary documents, the insurer starts the refund process. Typically, refunds are issued within 30 days of receiving complete documentation. However, during busy periods like December, processing might take longer. If you haven't received a refund within 45 days, it's advisable to reach out to the insurer directly through email or our contact form."

    This revised version retains all important information but presents it in a more concise manner

  • How long does it take until I receive my insurance policy?

    Instantly if you pay by credit card

    If you pay your insurance by credit card, you can download your insurance policy immediately.

    Payment by bank transfer: it may take up to two weeks 

    Payments coming from the EU/EEA or Switzerland usually only take around 2-3 bank office days until we receive them, and then shortly after it is credited to our account the payment will be visible in your personal MySwisscare Account. You will receive an email confirming reception.

    Payments made from outside of the EU/EEA or Switzerland can take up to two weeks until they are credited to our account. As soon as we have received them, you will receive an email confirming reception.

    You can pay by credit card at any time to receive your insurance policy instantly. 

    Just log into your MySwisscare account and under the tab "finance" you can choose to pay your insurance premium by credit card. After a few seconds, you will be able to download your insurance policy.

  • Hospital treatments, general practitioners or dentists, what is covered (ISIG)?

    If you are in need of medical treatment, it is important the treatment is undertaken by a doctor whose certification is officially recognized in the country you receive your treatment. Depending on the insurance coverage you have chosen, certain exclusions may be applicable. We recommend that the General Insurance Conditions (GIC’s) are consulted and if it is not clear, to ask questions concerning reimbursement and claims directly to the concerned claim service. Outpatient treatments (meaning you don’t have an overnight stay in a medical facility) generally have to be paid in advance, then you can proceed to submit your claim to the claim service via email, or via your customer account or the iOS / Android app.

    In the case of hospital admission for inpatient treatment (meaning an overnight stay), you can present your digital insurance card saved on your MySwisscare account or on the iOS or Android app. If the inpatient facility requires further information, you can simply click or tap share - and then enter the email address given by the hospital. They will then receive the complete insurance policy with all the details. Most of the time, inpatient treatments will be billed directly to the concerned insurer, however, they may request a security deposit.

    Dentists are usually not covered unless there is an accident. Should a plan provide coverage for dental treatments this will be stated in the General Insurance Conditions (GIC’s) and the benefits list.

    In the case of ISIG only pain-relieving dental treatment and the repair of already existing dentures and dental prosthetics are covered up to the limitations defined in the General Insurance Conditions (GIC’s) and the Benefits list.

  • How do I cancel my International Student Health Insurance Germany (ISIG)?

    After the cooling-off period, you can cancel the insurance contract under the following circumstances:

    • At the agreed end date

      The insurance will be terminated automatically when it reaches the end date of the coverage. The maximum insurance term is 60 months only.
    • Death of the policyholder/the insured persons
    • You do not meet the eligibility criteria any longer

      If you are not living in Germany for study purposes with a valid resident permit, you are no longer eligible for the International Student Health Insurance Germany. The insurance policy must be canceled. You must inform us of any such changes as soon as possible to cancel your insurance. Certain documentation regarding your status change might be requested to complete the cancelation.
    • You leave Germany permanently 

      If you are leaving Germany permanently, meaning that you will de-register in Germany as a resident and return your resident permit, you cannot be insured under the  International Student Health Insurance Germany anymore. To cancel your insurance, please kindly send us a copy of the attestation of departure issued by the city hall. The insurance will be canceled according to the attestation of departure.
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