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Which student health insurance is required for Ireland student visa?

Health insurance is mandatory in order to study in Ireland.

Non EU/EEA nationals (third country nationals)

The students coming from non EU/EEA countries are required to insure themselves with private medical insurance when they coming to Ireland for education purpose. It is mandatory based on the regulations of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Bureau (INIS).

Non EU/EEA nationals (third country nationals)


Full time students first year study in Ireland or Part-time or Exchange / Erasmus students


Non EU/EEA students could use travel insurance during their first year stay in Ireland. The travel insurance must fulfill with the following requirements:


  1. The duration of the travel insurance must be a full year for students who will stay in Ireland more than one year. Students stay in Ireland for less than one year, the duration of the travel insurance must cover the entire duration of their stay

  2. The Minimum insurance sum for accident is EUR 25,000 and EUR 25,000 for illnesses

  3. The insurance must cover for any period of  hospitalization


  • Second and subsequent years

Foreign students who stay in Ireland for more than one year, from the second year on, they are required to have the private medical insurance from within Ireland when the students want to renew their IRP card.

The private medical insurance can be obtained:


  1. Group insurance from the college

  2. Individual medical insurance arranged in Ireland


Attention: from second year, the travel insurance is not possible. Students cannot cancel the medical insurance after registration. This act will be considered a breach of the immigration conditions.

Why to maintain a travel insurance on the second year in addition with the local insurance ?

Your travel insurance will cover a wide range of benefits that are partially or not covered by local insurance like travel protection, search and rescue, repatriation to the home country, emergency dental treatments, assistance or other emergency medical treatments in the Schengen area (other European Countries)…

EU/EEA/CH Nationals

Students with nationality from EU/EEA countries can request in their home country the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Thanks this card, EU/EEA nationals can benefit of the same cover as the Irish national health scheme.

However, the EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance. It does not cover any travel protection, search and rescue, repatriation to the home country, emergency dental treatments, assistance… A private insurance is highly recommended in Ireland also for EU/EEA nationals during the entire stay in Ireland.