International student health insurance Latvia
For studies in Latvia
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Best plan in Latvia
Best plan in Latvia
Valid for student visa
Valid for student visa
Instant policy
Instant policy

What is the international student health insurance plan Latvia ?

During your studies in Latvia, you are covered for the medically necessary treatments in the case of illnesses and accidents. A 24/7 assistance program is included, as well as search & rescue, repatriation to the home country.

This insurance is required for foreign students who wish obtain the student visa for Latvia

Who can apply the plan?

  • All students studying in Latvia

All foreign students, interns and au pairs from around the world who study in Latvia can apply the Swisscare plan.

Country-specific information

Country-specific information

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Nice to know

  • Illness and accident coverage
  • In-/ outpatient coverage
  • Repatriation, seach & rescue included
  • Death and disability capital
  • A full insurance cover
  • Insurance sum € 49'000
  • No deductible
  • Assistance 24 / 7
  • Completely digital
  • Payment by credit card
  • Payment by bank transfer
  • Instant policy delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to change an address ?

    You can change your address by simply connecting to your customer account or using the MySwisscare app on iOS or Android.

  • Hospital treatments, general practitioners or dentists, what is covered ?

    If a medical treatment is necessary, you can fix an appointment with a general practitioner or a specialist. For such outpatient treatments, you have to pay in advance your medical fees and then request the refund through your customer account or your MySwisscare iOS / Android app.

    If you are admitted in an hospital (means you need to stay a night and more) then simply show your digital insurance card from your MySwisscare account on iOS or Android smartphone. If the hospital ask more details about the insurance, you can simply click on share on MySwisscare account on iOS or Android, enter the given email address ot the hospital. The hospital will then receive instantly your full insurance certificate with all details. For such inpatient treatments at hospital, Swisscare will be billed directly. In general you dont have to pay. In some case, the hospital can as you to pay a deposit.

    Dentist are in general not covered except in case of accident.. Some plans of Swisscare includes a small dentist cover. The general insurance conditions will provide more information about the dentist cover if existing.

  • What is a deductible

    The insurance deductible is the portion of amount that you bear yourself for your medical treatments. The general insurance conditions will fix the rules for the deductible. The deductible can be calculated per contractual year, for a specific duration, for a specific treatment or for a specific insurance cover.

    The insurance deductible is stated also on the insurance certificate.

    Not all insurance plans has deductibles.

  • How to get refunded for your doctor, pharmacy invoices ?


    Before all, it is important that you understand that an insurance company provide only cover for the benefits stated in the general insurance conditions. Not everything is paid by default.

    Before you start a claim procedure, note that outpatient treatments must be paid in advance (doctors, pharmacy, specialist, hospital day visit...).

    In order to get quickly a response from the claim services, we invite you to follow the claim procedure that you can start online on your customer account or using MySwisscare app on iOS or Android.

    1. Open your online account on your computer or use MySwisscare app on iOS or Android
    2. Select the right insurance policy and complete the online fields
    3. Take a picture and/or upload the pdf or jpg file of your detailled invoice
    4. Take a picture and/or upload the proof of payment (receipt of bank or cash payment of the pharmacy, doctor, specialst, hospital...)
    5. Explain in short your treatment
    6. Send it online

    How long does it take for a refund ?

    Only once you send all the relevant document, the insurance company will start the refund. In general within less than 30 days you will be refunded. Some pick times can happens. If after 45 days you still not receive any information from the insurance company, then get in touch with them through our contact form.

  • How long takes to receive the insurance policy

    Instantly if you pay with credit card

    If you pay your insurance with credit card, you can download your insurance policy immediately.

    Takes up to 2 weeks with bank transfer

    Payment coming from EU/EEA or Switzerland bank accounts, it takes maximum 2-3 office days until you will see your payment into your personal mySwisscare account. You will get an email automatically after reception of your payment.

    Payment coming from outside of EU/EEA or Switzerland. Such payment can take up to 2 weeks until they are accounted into your personal mySwisscare account. You will get an email automatically after reception of your payment.

    You can at any time pay with credit card to receive instantly your insurance certificate

    Just login in your mySwisscare account and under finance you can directly choose to pay with credit card your insurance premium. Takes few seconds and you can download instantly your insurance policy.

  • How to cancel an insurance?

    You can cancel your insurance before the start date of your insurance. Cancellation is only possible under certain conditions :

    Cancellation accepted with 100% refund


    If the embassy or consulate refuse your visa, you can request the cancellation of your insurance only by sending the refusal letter of the embassy to Swisscare. Use our contact form, choose the good product and request the cancellation. We refund 100% of the insurance premium to the method you pay it.

    Before start date of the insurance you can at any time request the cancellation of the insurance. Swisscare will refund 100% of the premium.

    Cancellation not accepted, no possibility of refund

    If the insurance policy start, then it is no more possible to cancel it or get a refund without any visa refusal. In that case the full insurance period is due.

The insurance company who covers all risks is ADB “Gjensidige” Latvian Branch, Reģ. Nr. 40103595216 • Brīvības iela 39, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvija • Tālrunis: 67112222 • Fakss: 67106444 • E-pasts: •