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International Expatriate Medical Insurance

For expatriates abroad for up to 5 years
€ 584 / Year
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Essential coverage
Essential coverage
100% online
100% online
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Instant policy

International Expatriate Medical Insurance

More and more employees are going abroad to gain work experience. This insurance plan is online, provides international coverage, and can be purchased instantly by credit card. The insurance policy is issued within a few seconds after the payment.

The plan covers medically necessary treatments in cases of illness and accidents. The STANDARD plan includes inpatient treatments, search and rescue, ambulance transport by air, sea, and ground, repatriation to home country, and 24 / 7 assistance.

Alternatively, you can purchase the COMFORT plan including both inpatient and outpatient treatments and general practitioners as well as specialists.

Who can apply?

This plan is for EEA residents residing outside of their home country temporarily and for third-country residents residing within the EEA area, holding a valid/active work permit, and having their ordinary residence inside the EEA. The policy for incoming residents into the EEA will only become effective once the individual is physically within the EEA area.

  • Up to 5 years
  • Individuals between 18 up to 50 years old
  • Companies that wish to insure employees

Apply online and get your insurance policy instantly in your MySwisscare account!



Nice to know

  • Min. age of application is 18 years old
  • For individuals working abroad
  • Worldwide cover (excluding U.S. Territories, Canada and the Caribbean)
  • Emergency & long-term treatments
  • In-patient plan
  • Out-patient plan (optional)
  • Illness and accidents
  • Prescribed medication
  • Repatriation
  • Ambulance transport
  • 24/7 Assistance
  • Minimum duration of 1 year
  • Renewal up to 5 years
  • Credit card payment

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I change my address?

    You can change your address by logging into your customer account or using the MySwisscare app on iOS or Android.

  • Hospital treatments, general practitioners or dentists, what is covered?

    If you are in need of medical treatment, it is important the treatment is undertaken by a doctor whose certification is officially recognized in the country you receive your treatment. Depending on the insurance coverage you have chosen, certain exclusions may be applicable. We recommend that the General Insurance Conditions are consulted and if it is not clear, to ask questions concerning reimbursement and claims directly to the concerned claim service. Outpatient treatments (meaning you don’t have an overnight stay in a medical facility) generally have to be paid in advance, then you can proceed to submit your claim to the claim service via email, or via your customer account or the iOS / Android app.


    In the case of hospital admission for inpatient treatment (meaning an overnight stay), you can present your digital insurance card saved on your MySwisscare account or on the iOS or Android app. If the inpatient facility requires further information, you can simply click or tap share - and then enter the email address given by the hospital. They will then receive the complete insurance policy with all the details. Most of the time, inpatient treatments will be billed directly to the concerned insurer, however, they may request a security deposit.

    Dentists are usually not covered unless there is an accident. Should a plan provide coverage for dental treatments this will be stated in the General Insurance Conditions (GIC’s and the benefits list).

  • What is a deductible?

    The insurance deductible is a fixed sum that is at the expense of the insured in the case of a claim covered by the chosen insurance policy. The general insurance conditions define the amount and the scope of application.

    The deductible can be calculated per contractual year, per calendar year, for a specific duration, for a specific treatment or for a specific insurance cover. Not all insurance products are submitted to a deductible.

    The insurance deductible is also stated on the insurance policy.

  • How do I claim my medical expenses?


    Please note that coverage is only provided for the benefits stated in the General Insurance Conditions. At times exclusions are also applicable and they vary depending on the insurance product. It is recommendable to verify the coverage of the chosen product in advance.

    In the case of outpatient treatment (no overnight stay at a medical facility), the insured always has to pay for the medical treatments (doctor’s, pharmacy, specialists, hospital outpatient treatments) in advance. 

    To ensure you are refunded quickly, it is recommendable to follow the claim procedure via your customer account or by using the MySwissare iOS or Android App.


    1. Log into your MySwisscare Account

    2. Select the concerned insurance policy and complete the online fields

    3. Take a picture and/or upload the pdf or jpg file of your detailed invoice

    4. Take a picture and/or upload the proof of payment (bank receipt or cash payment receipt from the pharmacy, doctor, specialist, hospital...)

    5. Short statement concerning the medical issue and the administered treatment

    6. Send / Submit


    How long does it take for a refund to be made?

    Once the concerned claim service has received all required documentation the insurer will initiate the refund procedure. In most instances, a refund is effected within 30 days of submission of the complete documentation. During peak seasons (for example December) it is possible that a refund will take longer. If within 45 days you have not been refunded by the insurer, we recommend that you contact them directly via email or our contact form.

  • How long does it take until I receive my insurance policy?

    Instantly if you pay by credit card

    If you pay your insurance by credit card, you can download your insurance policy immediately.

    Payment by bank transfer: it may take up to two weeks 

    Payments coming from the EU/EEA or Switzerland usually only take around 2-3 bank office days until we receive them, and then shortly after it is credited to our account the payment will be visible in your personal MySwisscare Account. You will receive an email confirming reception.

    Payments made from outside of the EU/EEA or Switzerland can take up to two weeks until they are credited to our account. As soon as we have received them, you will receive an email confirming reception.

    You can pay by credit card at any time to receive your insurance policy instantly. 

    Just log into your MySwisscare account and under the tab "finance" you can choose to pay your insurance premium by credit card. After a few seconds, you will be able to download your insurance policy.

  • What is a copayment?

    A copayment means that a certain percentage of the coverage will be at the expense of the insured.

    A copayment of twenty (20) percent is applied on all benefits on the next policy renewal date after the insured person has reached 50 years of age

  • How do I cancel my EMEX insurance?

    The Policyholder can cancel the contract one month prior to the renewal date by informing the insurer in writing.

  • What to do in case of an emergency or damage ?

    In case of any imminent or declared incident all insured have the obligation to contact immediately the dedicated claims management. 


    Should verification of a claim no longer be possible due to the failure of the insured to notify the insurer in a timely way, and due to this late notification a claim can no longer be identified or verified, the Insurer will not reimburse the claim that cannot be identified or verified.


    In case of a medical assistance, it is mandatory to contact the 24/7 alarm center number as soon as possible after the incident has occurred. 


    Tel : +49 (0) 211 54014750

    Email:    [email protected]


    Tel : +49 (0) 211 5401 4239

    Email: [email protected]


    If the insured is entirely unable to notify the insurer immediately and it can be proven that a personal or indirect contact with the dedicated claims management prior to consulting a certified medical practitioner at the moment of the event was impossible because of the patient’s life threatening situation, a notification in a timely manner by the policyholder/insured, the police, the hospital or any party to the incident, will be considered a valid notification.


    All inpatient treatments (except emergency hospital admissions), are subject to pre-authorization. This means that in case of non-emergency hospitalization (planned treatments) for which the diagnosis of the medical condition has been established more than five (5) days before actual admission into a hospital the insurer has to be informed - by e-mail at the latest five (5) days before the hospitalization will take place.

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