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  • 17-03-2021        12:00
    Covid-19 latest news for exchange students going to Italy
    The Italian Government imposes different travel rules depending on the country of origin or destination and the reasons for travelling. The current travel restrictions are in force from March 6 to  April 6, 2021. According to the Ministerial Decree March 2, 2021, there are five classification of risk areas and corresponding travel restrictions:
  • 10-05-2021        11:55
    Gradual resumption of national economic and social activities
    The Italian Government retains five classifications of risk areas and corresponding travel restrictions.
  • 17-05-2021        11:00
    Italy eases travel restrictions
    Entry from the EU and the Schengen Area, as well as Great Grain and Israel, is permitted. 
  • 18-06-2021        10:00
    Italy eases travel restrictions
    Since the last updates, except for the region Valle d'Aosta, all of the other regions in Italy are considered to be “white regions”.
  • 07-06-2021        10:50
    Italy eases travel restrictions
    From 07 June,2021, six regions in Italy has been categorized as ‘White Zone’:
  • 14-06-2021        08:35
    Italy eases travel restrictions
    Italy has updated its risk classification for the following six regions from “yellow region” to “white region”. Currently, 12 out of 20 regions in Italy are considered as a “white region”.
  • 22-07-2021        09:00
    Introduction of COVID-19 green certification
    Based on the press conference on 22 July 2021, the government has decided that the COVID-19 green certification is required to participate in certain civil and religious ceremonies
  • 29-07-2021        12:00
    Covid-19 Updated travel information
    New information for travellers
  • 27-08-2021        10:30
    Updated travel information
    Because of the new school year starting with face-to-face lessons, the Minister of School in Italy, Mr. Bianchi
  • 28-08-2021        12:00
    New Ordinance on 28 August 2021
    The Italian government passed the new Ordinance on 28 August 2021 to adjust the Covid-19 measures in Italy: 
  • 09-09-2021        10:55
    AIFA approves additional doses of vaccine against Covid-19
    On 9 September 2021, the Italian Medicines Agency AIFA has approved the additional doses of Covid19 to vulnerable people as:
  • 16-09-2021        10:00
    Update travel information
    Travelers from List D are not required for 5-day self-quarantine if all of the following conditions are met:
  • 01-10-2021        11:00
    Exemption authorization forms are online
    Individuals can request an exemption to enter Italy online. The authorization for exemptions are available to:
  • 08-10-2021        11:55
    COVID-free tourist travel corridors
    Italy has established COVID-free travel corridors on an experimental basis with safety protocols.
  • 22-10-2021        12:00
    COVID-free tourist travel corridors
    The government has decided to extend the entry restrictions until 15 December 2021.
  • 26-11-2021        11:00
    Arrival from Africa
    The government has decided to ban entry into Italy from the following African countries:
  • 01-12-2021        11:00
    The new measures for entry into Italy
    As of 1 February 2022, the validity of the COVID-19 Green Pass to access activities and services in Italy is six months.
  • 01-02-2022        09:00
    Validity of Covid-19 Green Passes for foreigners in Italy
    As of 1 February 2022, the validity of the COVID-19 Green Pass to access activities and services in Italy is six months.