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  • 10-05-2021        09:00
    Reopening plan Step 1
    There are more and more people getting vaccinated in the Netherlands. The government has decided to start the reopening plan step by step. 
  • 17-05-2021        10:00
    Reopening plan Step 2 and Travel updates
    With the sinking number of hospitalizations and increases in the vaccinated population, at the 11 May press conference, the government introduced the second step of the reopening plan valid from 19 May.
  • 28-05-2021        10:00
    Reopening plan Step 3 and Travel updates
    The government has decided to ease the Covid-19 measures further and reopen the society as of 5 June 2021.
  • 01-06-2021        11:00
    Flight ban lifted from 01 June 2021
    The Dutch flight ban will no longer be in place from 01 June 2021. The current flight ban for India, South Africa and all countries in Central and South America expires on 01 June, 2021.
  • 14-06-2021        10:00
    Mandatory quarantine for travelers from countries with Delta coronavirus variant
    From 15 June 2021, people traveling to the Netherlands from the following countries must go into quarantine on arrival.
  • 26-06-2021        11:00
    Step 4 of the reopening plan: from 26 June
    The number of infections and hospitalizations in the Netherlands is sinking significantly due to the Covid-19 vaccination.
  • 08-07-2021        11:00
    Updated risk countries list
    The following countries are considered as very high-risk areas where the virus variant is of concern. 
  • 10-07-2021        11:00
    Summertime extra Covid-19 measures
    After the almost complete reopening of society on 26 June, the Netherlands has faced a surge in Covid-19 infection cases.
  • 19-07-2021        10:00
    Recognised vaccination when traveling to the Netherlands
    Vaccinated people can travel to the Netherlands without further restrictions unless they are from one of the high-risk areas due to the new Covid-19 variant.
  • 26-07-2021        11:00
    Adjust policy on travelling within EU
    Due to the positive development of the Covid-19 pandemic in the EU, the Netherlands government has adjusted its travel policy within the EU.
  • 27-08-2021        08:00
    Adjust policy on traveling
    The following countries within the Schengen Area are deemed safe by the Dutch Government.
  • 12-03-2021        12:00
    Covid-19 latest news for exchange students going to the Netherlands
    The “advice not to travel abroad” will apply up to and including Thursday 15 April,2021. The government suggests not travel outside the Netherlands unless absolutely necessary. The current measures and travel restrictions due to Covid-19 are still in place in the Netherlands: 
  • 03-09-2021        10:00
    Important changes for travelers to the Netherlands
    As of 4 September 2021, the designation of high-risk and very high-risk areas will change, and the requirements for people traveling to the Netherlands from those areas will change accordingly.
  • 14-09-2021        11:00
    Reopening with Coronavirus entry passes
    The government has passed a new decision on travel restrictions as of 22 September
  • 02-11-2021        12:00
    Extra measures to slow down the spread of Covid-19
    The Covid-19 infection has increased sharply in the Netherlands recently. Both hospitalization and ICU admissions are increasing
  • 26-11-2021        11:00
    Evening closure and tightening of measures during the day
    The Covid-19 infection rate has increased very fast during the last few weeks.
  • 14-12-2021        10:00
    NL: Prolong measures and early closure of primary school before Christmas
    The number of new coronavirus cases is still very high, and hospitals are filling up with Covid-19 patients.
  • 18-12-2021        11:00
    Lockdown in the Netherlands
    The new variant Omicron is spreading faster than expected in the Netherlands.
  • 26-01-2022        11:00
    The end of lockdown in the Netherlands
    As of 26 January, the Netherlands will end the lockdown, and most locations can be opened under certain conditions.