Student insurance Switzerland – Liechtenstein

The online health insurance for foreign students, phds, interns and au pairs in Switzerland – Liechtenstein

Your destination is Switzerland – Liechtenstein and you need a Swiss health insurance for a visa application or for the Swiss local authorities. Apply today and get your SWISSCARE STUDENTPASS insurance.

Plan introduction

All foreign students, phds, interns, au pairs living temporarily in Switzerland – Liechtenstein for a minimum duration of 3 months must apply for a health insurance plan that complies with the Swiss national health insurance scheme KVG-LAMal.

Swisscare Studentpass currently has the best solution in Switzerland – Liechtenstein. The plan is offered exclusively through the internet and is completely paperless. The plan includes the benefits of the Swiss/Li law KVG-LAMal, is without any medical questionnaire and is recognized in all cantons that apply article 2.4. KVV (24 cantons in total).


CHF 65

per month

A Swiss plan, a Swiss insurer

KVG-LAMal benefits are included

It’s exclusively online. Get your certificate in 3 minutes.

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Swisscare Insurance Services (Switzerland) AG, Chemin de Beaulieu 8, CH-1752 Villars-Sur-Glâne (Suisse) is the plan administrator and the customer care unit. Swisscare Insurance Services (Switzerland) AG is a tied agent of the EUROPÄISCHE Reiseversicherungs AG in Basel (Switzerland). The risk carrier of the insurance policy is the insurer EUROPÄISCHE Reiseversicherungs AG, Margarethenstrasse 38, 4053 Basel (Switzerland). The company Europäische Reiseversicherungs AG is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Autority (FINMA).

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